Nothing Is True…

…everything is permitted. This is the creed by which the Assassins live in the popular video games. It is probable, too, that the creed is held by many – philosophers like Nietzsche who proclaimed the death of God and morality thereby, intellectuals of today, those who believe that tolerance is the highest ideal, and now creators of video games. It is a pervasive message, and somehow it is an attractive one.

But how many of us really dissect that phrase? “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” 

Think about this: is the statement true? Yes or no – it’s a very simple question. Oh wait! No it isn’t! Let’s look at the first half of the sentence nothing is true. True or false? Suddenly the discerning individual will realize that, if the statement is true, it defeats itself. You might as well say “truly, there is no such thing as truth”. There is a glaring contradiction here that painfully few seem to recognize. 

And what are the ramifications? If nothing is true is….not an untruth…we are faced with a daunting debacle. It is no longer true that my car is green, that I am married, etc etc. The list goes on. Now I realize that statements such as the aforementioned declaration of non-absolutism are generally directed toward absolutist religions, such as Islam and Christianity. Tolerance is the forecast of the day, folks.

And in the interest of being culturally, morally, and ecumenically relativistic, we boldly proclaim that all are true, or that none are. Either way, it’s the means which we devise in order to tell our pulpit-pounding brethren to back off and stay out of our schools.

While I think we all agree that much evil has been done in the name of Good, we must not, cannot throw said baby out with the bathwater. Why? It is not logically possible. They say “whatever works for you” and thereby live on the foundation of non-truth. “Hold on a sec!” you might say, flabbergasted and not a little put out. “You go too far!”

Do I? Consider. Christianity says God created the universe and us in a system of morality. God is goodness personified. We were given commandments for how to live, which we broke. That is sin. Evil. Not-good. Therefore, we must be punished. And there’s a way out of evil, provided for by God, but that’s a whole other (and much more important) story. My point is this – Christianity defines what right and wrong, the reward for each, and the solution – the ONLY solution – from wrong. 

Now it would be very convenient and considerate of others’ feelings to say, “but that’s just what I happen to believe. You can believe whatever you want.” That does not work. If Christianity is true, then it’s very true. If false…very false. In a world built on non-truth, it does not exist. Either a god exists, or he doesn’t. Either it’s okay to tell a lie, or it isn’t. One cannot say “your tire is flat” and also “nothing is true”. And as we see from the lives of the philosophers, such conclusions about the non-existence of truth is not a thing by which we can live.

The world very obviously functions and exists based on truth. And if there is truth in science, as we see in the laws of physics and mathematics, there must be truth in the metaphysical. You cannot conveniently draw a line around religion and mark it a non-truth zone. If truth exists in one area, then truth exists everywhere. 

The playground

The small whispers, never said aloud, are catalogued in our hearts.
This or That with a little bit of If only or perhaps Why didn’t,
And the catalogue grows in the passing, behind-the-back times.

Atlas feels the need to rest his weary shoulders,
And we our burdens, too. In the comfort of our
Brother’s ear we spew our over-laden minds until

The words, hurt, grief spread like a malificent poison
And round round round we spin
This slanderous ride is a melancholy-go-round at best
But we ride it all the same.

Until we lose our lunch on the astonished sand beneath
Swearing never to set foot in Gossip Park again.